Sunday, 2 September 2012

Leaving Feast

Hello everyone! Year 1 has come to an end at Ravenclaw Studies. After 6 weeks of learning and working, we have successfully completed 1 year, and hope there are many more to come! It has truly been a pleasure to teach you all about what we have to offer. I hope you will all become great wizards and witches in the future.

Now, I'm sure you didn't come to feast to hear all THAT, did you?

We have lots of exciting news to share today, and hope it will exceed your expectations.

First off, we are going to award the Year 1 Quidditch Cup. If you have been paying attention to the Quidditch Scores, it is quite obvious who won.

In 4th place, we have Slytherin! They have earned 314 points as they slowly make their way to greatness.

In 3rd place, congratulations to Hufflepuff! Their hardwork has paid off, giving them 452 points.

The runner-up for the Quidditch Cup is Gryffindor! Their bold efforts secure them in second place with 513 points.

And the winner of the Year 1 Quidditch Cup is Ravenclaw! They soar to a high 746 points! Good work!

I hope you all enjoyed Quidditch this year, but sad to say you will no longer see that kind of Quidditch system again. Alright, maybe some of you are relieved, but we have worked out a Quidditch system soon to be announced on the new site!

Of course, those who have supported Ravenclaw for their battle towards the Cup should not go unmentioned! Below is a list showing all students who have played for Ravenclaw:


Once again, congratulations!

As for the rest of the award winners, they will be announced in the yearbook (did you forget about that?). So keep an eye out for announcements here!

There will be no live chat at the feast, but I will remind you to please register on the new site if you wish to join us in Year 2. We have re-designed the whole system to make the work much easier to manage, and we will enable more interactive features. Say goodbye to this Quidditch modem, and hello to House Teams! Yes, you can get sorted ^_^ Hope to see you there!

As for your grades, unfortunately Professor Citrouille and I are taking much longer than expected. However, we will announce when grades can be requested, and request you shall if you are interested in finding out! We will not be distributing grades if the student has not requested them. Requests are not available as of yet. Thank you!

And enjoy the feast!

We sure hope you will all contribute in helping our community grow. I feel it has a lot of potential, especially for the coming of Year 2. We are introducing a completely different world, where academics are secondary to the House Cup! We also have duelling and special training courses, as well as student jobs. We will be setting up a market and Gringotts.